A downloadable game

Turn down the volume before opening the game.

Control a virtual representation of a game developer to fix glitches and corruptions on your game.

WASD: Move

Arrow Keys: Shoot

it was supposed to have 3 acts but i didn't have time

also may be a bit frustrating


wgj64.exe 4 MB


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That was really hard lol. Beat the boss but died on the button... Really great game with really good aesthetics and music. The sliding while moving felt a bit inconsistent. I would slide quite a bit if I tried changing directions so if I wanted to change directions, I ended up releasing to stop quickly and then move the other direction. Would love to see a combination of the puzzle elements with the fighting elements and health packs x.x

Sorry, thought the sliding was okay to leave there. And the button thing was a jerk move from me, heh. Thanks for the feedback!

Nice graphics and cool music! I like it :)

Thank you!